Some of the dishes may contain products or food substances to which you may be allergic to; please ask our staff for more information. The dishes on this menu do not contain genetically modified products.


Vegetable Fritter Balls   £3.95

Callaloo Pancake Rolls   £3.50

Duck Breast Pancake Rolls   £3.50

Jerk Chicken Fillet   £3.95

Sweet Chilli Prawns   £4.50


Braised Oxtail   £9.95

Curry Goat   £9.95

Signature Jerk Chicken   £8.95

Brown Stew Chicken   £8.95

Fish Dishes

Brown Stew Snapper   £9.95

Ackee & Saltfish   £9.95


Spicy Vegetable Curry  £8.95

Ackee  £8.95

Sides & Extra’s

Plantain   £3.50

Dumplings   £3.50

Macaroni & Cheese    £3.50

Mixed Salad    £3.50